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5 Years

The sun always shines!

Number 1 manufacturer and distributor of evacuated solar hot water systems in the MENA region.


Free water heating

Reliable performance on sunny winter days

Faster return on investment

Eco-friendly product


What Makes Us Unique?

Our main product - Pressureless Thermal Solar System (Thermosiphon - Solar Collector) - consists of a pressureless tank and attached vacuum tubes without heat pipes, which are also used in solar systems for generating hot water.

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GreenTechSolar - Your specialist for renewable energy solutions since 2006 - active in the development of solar energy products, specialized in evacuated tube collectors.


Years of experience


Systems sold worldwide


Export Countries


Locations worldwide

Where To Use!

Shaking Hands

Become A Partner

At GreenTechSolar, we have many years of international experience in the manufacturing and distribution of Solar Water Heaters. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration and aim to expand our network with like-minded organizations and individuals who share our vision and value....

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Project Gallery

Examples of some nationally and internationally implemented projects - both industrial and private.