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5 Years

The sun always shines!

Number 1 manufacturer and distributor of evacuated solar hot water systems in the MENA region.


Free water heating

Reliable performance on sunny winter days

Faster return on investment

Eco-friendly product


What Makes Us Unique?

Our main product - Pressureless Thermal Solar System (Thermosiphon - Solar Collector) - consists of a pressureless tank and attached vacuum tubes without heat pipes, which are also used in solar systems for generating hot water.

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GreenTechSolar - Your specialist for renewable energy solutions since 2006 - active in the development of solar energy products, specialized in evacuated tube collectors.


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At GreenTechSolar, we have many years of international experience in the manufacturing and distribution of Solar Water Heaters. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration and aim to expand our network with like-minded organizations and individuals who share our vision and value....

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Project Gallery

Examples of some nationally and internationally implemented projects - both industrial and private.


  • 1. Does the solar system work in cloudy weather?
    The solar system operates at approximately half its capacity on cloudy days compared to sunny days. Nevertheless, the insulated tank keeps the water warm even in cold or cloudy conditions.
  • 2. Does the solar water heater help with heating?
    It is beneficial and support the hot water boiler as preheating system, also for underfloor heating and/or a heating swimming pool.
  • 3. Can we have hot water in cold weather?
    The modern solar storage system with evacuated tubes works in cold weather because of the evacuated tube technology. It can also heat the water in sub-zero temperatures when it is sunny.
  • 4. What is the advantage of using vacuum tubes?
    What is the advantage of using vacuum tubes? Vacuum tubes are utilized because of their tubular shape, as they allow the sun to shine perpendicularly to the glass surface for most of the day. Evacuated tube creates a vacuum, thus reducing heat loss and minimizing the impact of wind and cold temperatures on the collector's efficiency.
  • 5. How long does it take to heat the water?
    In Europe, approximately 4 hours of sunlight are sufficient to increase the water temperature for bathing. As the storage tank is large and well-insulated, hot water remains available throughout the day.
  • 6. What is the average water temperature in summer and winter?
    In summer, each tube heats 10 liters of water on average to about 60 degrees Celsius and heats it up to 99 degrees Celsius before it evaporates. On sunny winter days, temperatures reach 45 degrees Celsius. These figures are based on average and empirical values.
  • 7. Are the vacuum tubes hailstone resistant?
    Yes, the vacuum tubes are made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass and can withstand hailstones up to 2.5 cm in diameter.
  • 8. What effect does calcification have on the system?
    The effect of calcification on the vacuum tubes is minimal because the calcification does not settle on the glass. This prevents blockages and the limescale sticks to the bottom of the tubes as wet salt, which is easily removed.
  • 9. How hard is it to maintain the solar system?
    The surface of the vacuum tubes must be cleaned of dust with a sponge and water. The system requires internal maintenance every 2-3 years to remove any limescale deposits in the solar tank. This is a very simple process and does not require the use of chemicals. The lime is formed as a moist and non-adhesive salt.
  • 10. Is there heat loss at night?
    The hot water tank is insulated with 5 cm thick thermal polyurethane insulation and can store hot water for three days.
  • 11. What advantages does the controller offer?
    The controller displays the temperature and level of the water in the storage tank. It also controls water refilling in the tank and prevents refilling while using hot water to keep the water temperature constant.
  • 12. What are the advantages of the sub tank?
    It ensures that cold water is not mixed with hot water during use and uses a mechanical float to stop the supply of cold water when the solar system is full.
  • 13. What to do in case of overheating?
    In case of overheating, it is recommended to use the excess heat and hot water production in summer for pool heating. Otherwise, it is recommended to shade most of the surface of the solar panel.
  • 14. Is legionella formed in a solar hot water system?
    Bacteria such as legionella are killed at temperatures above 60°C and it is common for the solar system tank to reach this temperature. In addition, the water in the solar tank is kept in constant motion by the sun heating, which prevents the formation of legionella.
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