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Welcome to GreenTechSolar is Wholesale company - your partner for environmentally friendly technologies to cover your daily energy needs by using the unlimited available solar energy.

As a leading solar thermal company, we are dedicated to both the research and practical application of solar energy and have been instrumental in establishing the first and largest factory in the Middle East to introduce vacuum tube technology.


At GreenTechSolar, we manufacture our solar powered water heaters utilizing cutting-edge production techniques and adhering to the most rigorous quality control protocols. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with vast international expertise, and we maintain an extensive network of distribution partners across various countries.


  • Are you aware of your energy needs for obtaining hot water?

  • Would you like an energy-efficient and cost-effective method to heat your pool?

  • Are you interested in supplementing your boiler with solar energy?


Our committed team provides an eco-friendly and inventive solution tailored to fulfill your requirements, enabling you to harness the sun's power effectively.​

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